Permanent Peoples Tribunal proposals on Systemic crimes against the fundamental rights of migrants

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Source: Permanent Peoples Tribunal   3 August 2020   A call to stop the massacre of migrants   Following the conclusion of its long term investigation and judgment (2017-2019) on the necropolitics of the European Union and of its members●●●

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#FreeMahmoud: Israeli occupation forces arrest BDS coordinator Mahmoud Nawajaa during night raid

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30 July 2020   Source: BDS Movement   Occupied Ramallah, 30 July 2020 – At around 3:30 am, tens of Israeli occupation soldiers, accompanied by at least one dog, stormed the home of Mahmoud Nawajaa, the General Coordinator of the●●●

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Israeli Apartheid in the Jordan Valley: Abu Saqr and his family arrested on charges to access water

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30 July 2020   Source: Stop The Wall       At about 1:00 AM on Wednesday, around fifty heavily armed Israeli soldiers surrounded the home of Abu Saqr with their military jeeps and arrested him and his twenty-two-year old●●●

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