Call to International Action





For the Economic, Political, Cultural and Environmental Sovereignty of Our Peoples

End the Impunity of Transnational Corporations Now! 


The time has come to unite the hundreds of struggles, campaigns, networks, movements and organizations that are combating the different ways transnational corporations (TNCs) are appropriating our destinies, natural heritage and rights, dismantling public services, destroying the commons and endangering food sovereignty in every corner of the planet.

Neoliberal globalization has opened the doors for the savage exploitation of the world by the big economic powers. They have gradually taken over our lives and the planet by creating a blanket of impunity through the dismantling and systematic violation of laws and the signing of international trade and investment agreements, which award investors more rights than citizens. As a result, peoples’ rights have been systematically violated, the Earth and its resources destroyed, pillaged and contaminated, and resistance criminalized, while corporations continue committing economic and ecological crimes with total impunity. Driven by their imperative of maximizing profit, TNCs seek to pit workers from different regions against one another in what is a race to the bottom for the world’s working people.

The governance and policies of multilateral institutions – such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB), and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) – have long served corporate interests, while  the United Nations (UN) or the European Union (EU) have been increasingly captured by TNCs. This is reflected in the policies shaped to satisfy the interests of capital and in these institutions’ systematic refusal to impose limits on corporations.

In most countries, governments are at the service of corporate interests and against us, the majority of peoples. Setting aside democratic principles, they usurp institutions and, with the complicity of national elites, succeed in altering laws and policies that allow them to continue plundering the wealth of nations and maintain their predatory relation to nature. In the face of mounting criticism of their operations, TNCs’ have designed tools like Corporate Social Responsibility to clean up their image, while allowing them to continue to increase their profits. Furthermore, they control major media agencies, which play a key role in ensuring the continuity of corporate hegemony.

Acting with brutality in the rich countries from which they originate, but especially in countries of the Global South – and increasingly in “emerging” countries like Brazil, India, China and Russia – major corporations are appropriating more and more of our wealth and rights. Their growing economic monopoly, political power and control over the justice system destroy our right to a decent life and dominate our peoples’ and nations’ cultural habits and consumption patterns.

Transnationals have commodified life and continue to seize our territories, forests and water and transform social and human relations. Health and education, for example, are now considered privileges of those who have money, and are no longer seen as the rights of all people. With the crisis in the U.S. and various European countries, the banks have expropriated thousands of people’s houses. In Europe, they have imposed austerity measures, which are a replica of the structural adjustment programs implemented years ago in countries in the South to deal with the so-called “external debt”. Today, we are seeing unprecedented attacks on public services, labour rights and social programs, while governments use public funds to save the market’s excesses and the financial institutions.

Transnational corporations operate globally, moving from one country to another, while applying the same recipe to generate profit at any cost. It is we, the 99%, who bear the costs. Yet, resistance is growing throughout the world. Every day, there are more communities, movements and peoples struggling against transnationals – often confronting specific companies or sectors and that have won important victories. Even so, we have not succeeded in halting the advance of corporations, as when defeated in one place, they adjust their strategies and move to another, where they confront any obstacle that rises on their path.

Therefore, to confront corporate power and the system that protects and benefits TNCs, it is urgent and necessary to give a systematic response. We must unite our experiences and our struggles, learn collectively from our victories and our failures and share our analysis and strategies for putting an end to the impunity of transnationals. The concrete struggles of our communities against a transnational corporation could be even more victorious if we are able to unite them with the efforts of other people in other countries, regions or continents.

Sharing our experience in developing ways of life that are distinct from the culture of transnational production imposed by capitalism, that now wants to disguise itself as “green”, is fundamental for building an alternative society in which we, the people, are the protagonists.

We, the undersigned, hereby invite you to join us in collectively building this process of mobilization towards a global campaign against the power of corporations and their crimes against humanity. Dismantling the transnationals’ system of power demands coordinated action at the global level: engaging in struggles in various spheres, combining mobilizations on the streets and in territories with popular education and actions in parliaments, media and international forums and organisations.

By creating a powerful movement of solidarity and action against TNCs, their apologists and promoters, we will begin to build a world free from corporate power and greed.


Dismantle Corporate Power!

End the Impunity of Transnational Corporations!


List of Sign-Ons:



• Bi-regional Europe-Latin America y the Caribbean Enlazando Alternativas Network

• Blue Planet Project

• CADTM International

• Corporate Accountability International

• FIAN International

• Food and Water Watch

• Friends of the Earth International (FOEI)

• Global Forest Coalition (GFC)

• Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Social Solidarity Economy (RIPESS)

• International Articulation of those Affected by Vale

• International Association of Democratic Lawiers (IADL)

• La Via Campesina International

• People’s Health Movement

• The International Office for Human Rights Action on Colombia (OIDHACO)

• Transnational Institute – TNI


• World Forum for Alternatives

• World March of Women

• World Rainforest Movement



• African Uranium Alliance, Africa

  American Association of Jurists (AAJ)

• Amigos de la Tierra América Latina y el Caribe – ATALC

• CADTM – AYNA, Americas

• Campaña Justicia Climática, Americas

• Coordinadora Andina de Organizaciones Indigenas – CAOI, Andean region

• Focus on the Global South, India/Thailand/Philippines

• Food and Water Watch Europe

• Hemispheric Social Alliance, Americas

• International Alliance of Natural Resources in Africa (IANRA)

• Jubilee South – Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development

• Jubileo Sur Americas

• Plataforma Interamericana de Derechos Humanos – PIDDHH, Americas

• Red Lationamericana por el Acceso a Medicamentos

• Red Latinoamericana sobre Deuda, Desarrollo y Derechos – LATINDADD, Americas

• Red Vida

• RIPESS – Europe

• Social Movements for an Alternative Asia (SMAA)

• Southern Africa Faith Communities Environmental Initiative (SAFCEI)

• Third World Network Africa

• Trade Union Confederation of the Americas (TUCA)

• Transform!europe

• Transnational Migrant Platform – Europe

• Young Friends of the Earth Europe



• A Seed Japan (Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment and Development)

• Action from Ireland (AFRI)

• ActionAid France-Peuples solidaires

• ACSUR – Las Segovias, Spain

•  Afrikagrupperna, Sweden

Asociación de Desarrollo Económico Social, ADES Santa Marta

Asociación por la Paz y los Derechos Humanos Taula per Mèxic

 Association Internationale de Techniciens, Experts et Chercheurs (AITEC), France

• Alianza Mexicana por la Autodeterminación de los Pueblos – AMAP

• All India Forum of Forest Movement – (AIFFM), India

• Alliance of Progressive Labour, Philippines

Alternative Information Development Center – AIDC, South Africa

• Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM) – Philippines

• AM-net (APEC Monitor NGO Network)

• Amigos de la Tierra (España)

• Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign (Stop the Wall), Palestine

• Arlac, Belgium

• ATTAC Argentina

• ATTAC Austria

• ATTAC France

• ATTAC Germany

• ATTAC Japan

• ATTAC Maroc

• ATTAC Spain

• ATTAC Switzerland

• ATTAC Vlaanderen

• A Seed Japan (Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment and Development)

• BADIL – Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights

• Bench Marks Foundation, South Africa

• Beyond Copenhagen, India

• Biowatch South Africa

• Both ENDS, The Netherlands

• Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association (ABIA)

• Brazilian Network for the Integration of the Peoples (REBRIP), Brazil

• Campaña de Afectados por Repsol – Catalunya

• Campaña Explotación a Precio de Saldo, Spain 

• Campaña Mesoamericana Para la Justicia Climática, El Salvador

• Censat Agua Viva – Amigos de la Tierra Colombia

• Centro de Derechos Económicos y Sociales (CDES) – Ecuador

• Centro de Documentación e Información Bolivia (CEDIB)

• Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina

• Centre Europe Tiers Monde (CETIM), Switzerland

• Centre for Natural Resource Governance, Zimbabwe

• Centre for Trade Policy and Development (CTPD),  Zambia

• Centre for the Development of Women and Children (CDWC), Zimbabwe

• Centro de Documentación en Derechos Humanos “Segundo Montes Mozo S.J.” (CSMM), Ecuador

• Centro de Estudios para la Justicia Social Tierra Digna, Colombia

• Centro de Investigación y Documentación Chile-América Latina – FDCL, Germany

• Centro de Investigaciones e Información en Desarrollo (CIID), Guatemala

• CIVICUS, South Africa

• COECOCeiba, Costa Rica

• Colectivo de Abogados José Alvear Restrepo – CCAJAR, Colombia

• Colectivo de Mujeres Hondureñas (CODEMUH), Honduras

• Colibri, Germany

• Col-lectiu de Respostes a les Transnacionals (RETS), Catalunya, Spain

• Comision Interclesial de Justicia y Paz, Colombia

• Comisión Nacional de Enlace (CNE), Costa Rica

• Comité por los Derechos Humanos en América Latina (CDHAL), Canada

• Comité Permanente por la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (CDH)

• Comité pour le respect des droits humains “Daniel Gillard”

• Commission for Filipino Migrant Workers – International Office, Philippines

• Common Frontiers, Canada

• Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT)

• Confédération Générale du Travail (CGT France)

• CooperAcció, Spain

• Coordinación por los Derechos de los Pueblos Indígenas (CODPI), Spain

• Coordinadora Estatal de Comercio Justo en España

• Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), Belgium

• Council of Canadians, Canada

• Cristianos de Base, Spain


• Democracy Center, Bolivia

• Derechos Humanos sin Fronteras, Perú

• Diálogo 2000 – Jubileo Sur Argentina

• Eastern and Soutern Africa Farmers Forum (ESAFF), Zambia

• ECOAR))), Spain

• EcoDoc Africa

• Ecologistas en Acción-Ekologistak Martxan – Ecologistes en Acció, Spain

• ¿Economía Verde? ¡Futuro Imposible! – Alianza por una alternativa ecológica, social y urgente al capitalismo, Spain

• Economic Justice Network of FOCCISA, South Africa

• ELA Euskal Sindikatua, Euskal Herria / Basque Country

• Enginyeria sense Fronteras, Catalonia

• Entrepueblos, Spain

• Environmental Monitoring Group, South Africa

• Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria

• Federation of Organs for Social and Educational Assistance (FASE), Brazil

• Federació de Associacions Veinals de Mataró (FAVM), Catalunya

• Foro Ciudadano de Participación por la Justicia y los Derechos Humanos (FOCO), Argentina

• France Amérique Latine – FAL, France

• Fresh Eyes- People to People Travel

• Friends of the Earth, France

• Friends of the Earth, Japan

• Friends of the Earth, Scotland

• Friends of the Earth, Finland

• Friends of the Landless, Finland

• Fundación de Estudios para la Aplicación del Derecho (FESPAD) – El Salvador

• Fundación para la Cooperación APY – Solidaridad en Acción, España

• Fundación Solon, Bolivia

• Fundación de Investigaciones Sociales y políticas – FISYP, Argentina

• Global Economy Project

• Global Justice Now/ Attac UK

• Grassroots Global Justice, USA

• Grassroots International, USA

• Groundwork, Friends of the Earth South Africa

• Groupe de recherche pour une stratégie économique alternative (GRESEA) – Mirador, Belgium

• Hegoa, Instituto de Estudios sobre el Desarrollo y la Cooperación Internacional del País Vasco, Basque Country

• HEÑÓI, Centro de Estudios y Promoción de la Democracia, los Derechos Humanos y la Sostenibilidad Socioambiental (Paraguay)

• HOMA Center for Business and Human Rightswork

• IBASE – Instituto Brasileiro de Análises Sociais e Econômicas

• Indonesia for Global Justice, Indonesia

• India FDI Watch, India

• Indian Social Action Forum – INSAF, India

• Ingeníeria Sin Fronteras, Asturias

• Innovations for Change, Nigeria 

• Instituto de Ciencias Alejandro Lipschutz – ICAL, Chile

• Instituto Eqüit – Gênero, Economia e Cidadania Global, Brasil

• Instituto Mais Democracia, Brasil

• Institute for Socioeconomic Studies (INESC)

• Instituto Latinoamericano para una sociedad y un derecho alternativo – ILSA, Colombia

• Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) – Global Economy Project

• Janpahal, India

• Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC)

• Jordens Vänner / Friends of the Earth Sweden

• Jubilee Debt Campaign

• Justiça Ambiental, Mozambique (Friends of the Earth  Mozambique) 

• Justiça Global, Brasil

• Justicia i Pau

• Koalisi Anti Utang (KAU) – Anti Debt Colition, Indonesia 

• KRuHA, Indonesia

• La Via Campesina Africa 1, Mozambique

• LAB Euskal Herria/País Vasco

• Laboratorio de Investigación en Desarrollo Comunitario y Sustentabilidad de México

• Labour Research Service – LRS, South Africa

• Legal Resources Centre

• Mahlathini Organics, South Africa

• Marcha Mundial de Mujeres Chile – Colectivo VientoSur

• Mesa Nacional frente a Minería Metálica, El Salvador

• Milieu Defensie – Friends of the Earth, Netherlands

• Mining Affected Communities United in Action (MACUA), South Africa

• MiningWatch Canada

• Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens (MAB), Brazil

• Movimiento Rios Vivos, Colombia

• Movimiento Social Nicaraguense – Otro Mundo Es Posible, Nicaragua

• Multiwatch, Switzerland

• National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF), Bangladesh

• Naturefriends Greece

• North East Peoples Alliance, India

• Northern Alliance for Sustainability (ANPED), Belgium

• NOVACT, Spain

• Observatorio de la Deuda en la Globalización – ODG, Spain

• Observatorio de Multinacionales en America Latina – OMAL, Spain

• Observatorio Petrolero Sur (OPSur), Argentina

• Otramerica, Paraguay

• Pacific Asia Resource Centre (PARC)

• PACS – Instituto Políticas Alternativas para o Cone Sul, Brazil

• Palenke del Alto Cauca – PCN, Colombia

• Partido de la Rifondazione Comunista/Izquierda Europea, Italia

• Pax Romana, Switzerland

• Pensamiento Acción Social (PAS)

• Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement – PRRM, Philippines

• Plataforma Alternativa para el Desarrollo de Haití (Papda)

• Plataforma DHESC, Brazil

• Plataforma Rural – Alianza por un Mundo Rural Vivo, Spain

• Polaris Institute, Canada

• REBRIP – Brazilian Network for the Integration of the Peoples, Brazil

• Recalca, Colombia

• Red Internacional de Derechos Humanos (RIDH), Switzerland

• Red Mexicana de Acción frente al Libre Comercio – RMALC, Mexico

• Red Muqui Sur, Peru

• Red Nacional Genero y Economía Mujeres para el Diálogo, AC, Mexico

• Rede Social de Justiça e Direitos Humanos, Brazil

• Revuelta verde/Rising Tide, Mexico

• RSE – Benin

• SEATINI, Zimbabwe

• SETEM, Catalonia

• SIEMBRA, AC, Mexico

• Sindicato de Trabajadoras de la Enseñanza de Euskalherria – STEE-EILAS, Basque Country

• Soldepaz Pachakuti, Spain

• Solidaires

• Solidaridad Suecia – America Latina (SAL) / Latinamerikagrupperna, Sweden

• Solifonds, Switzerland

• SOMO – Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations, Netherlands

• South African and Allied Workers Union – SATAWU, South Africa

• South African Water Caucus – SAWC, South Africa

• South Asian Dialogues on Ecological Democracyú

• South Durban Community Environmental Alliance, South Africa

• Southern Africa Green Revolutionary Council (SAGRC)

• Spaces for Change (S4C), Nigeria

• Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior – SACOM, Hong Kong, China

• Sustaining the Wild Coast (SWC)

• Swiss Working Group on Colombia

• Terra de Direitos, Brazil

• Toxics Watch Alliance – TWA, India

• Trust for Community Outreach and Education – TSOE, South Africa

• Unidad Ecologica Salvadoreña – UNES, El Salvador

• Unión de Afectados y Afectadas por la Operaciones de Texaco – Ecuador

• UNISON, United Kingdom

• Veterinarios sin Fronteras, Spain


• War on Want, England

• Xingu Vivo para Sempre, Brazil




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