How to be involved & participate in the Campaign?

Social movements, organizations, campaigns, networks and coalitions of affected communities can participate in the following ways:


Sign on to the Call for Action to Reclaim Peoples Sovereignty and promote it widely.

Share knowledge and lessons of resistance to corporate power with other groups and with the Campaign network, building a collective repertoire of strategies and practices.

Promote and engage in solidarity actions with ongoing movements against corporate power carried by the coalitions of affected communities that are part of the Campaign network e.g. (MAB, People affected by VALE, Marikana, BDS, etc.)

Participate in the Campaign Working Groups facilitating the Campaign building process, mobilization and activities.

Participate in the development and dissemination of the International Peoples Treaty with other organizations interested in coordinating strategies against TNCs.

Build together Hearings of the Permanent Peoples Tribunal through presenting cases of corporate violations and crimes, attending the Hearings and raising awareness of the decisions of the juries.

Contribute to the collective building of the Global Campaign with information on ongoing struggles, ideas and proposals, undertaking dissemination on websites, social media and with other online tools towards more effective convergence of struggles on the corporate power nexus.


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