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Demonstration in Geneva October 23rd “Rights for Peoples, Rules for Corporations – Dance the change, move the world”

Global Campaign

As every year we will be in Geneva to participate in the negotiations for a Binding Treaty on transnational corporations and Human Rights.


These negotiations aren’t just talk – they’re rewriting the rules of the game. It’s all thanks to the unstoppable force of communities and organized civil society demanding change on a global scale. Year after year, more and more countries are recognizing the urgent need for this historic treaty.


Powerful players like the United States and business organizations with UN influence are dead set on sabotaging this game-changer. They’re doing everything in their power to stop, water down, and erase the treaty’s substance. At the same time, the countries where human rights violations and environmental destruction run rampant are pushing hard for its creation. We’ve been standing with them for nine years, and together, we’re shaping history.


We’re not done yet! We need your support more than ever. It’s time to celebrate our achievements, but also to gear up for the next phase.


Join us for an electrifying Demonstration and Dancing Rally right outside the United Nations Palace in Geneva.


“Rights for Peoples, Rules for Corporations – Dance the change, move the world”


Where: Broken Chair, Place des Nations, Geneva


When: October 23rd 18.00h 


What to bring: Your flags, banners, and an unstoppable energy to dance for a historic shift that will finally put an end to corporate impunity.


The time for change is NOW. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of something monumental. Let’s dance our way to a better world! See you in Geneva!”