Dismantle Corporate Power

SUPPORT DECLARATION FOR THE CEDIB   THE BOLIVIAN CENTER OF DOCUMENTATION AND INFORMATION – CEDIB has been for many years one of the institutions that have supported the democratic process with responsible work done on information and critical analysis. Therefore,●●●


The end of corporate impunity is coming

Dismantle Corporate Power

Transnational corporations act with a high degree of impunity   The treaties for investment protection and “free” trade signed by states favor the interests of transnational corporations by granting them rights and privileges, without requiring them in return to assume●●●

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Signon statement in support of Pablo Solon, Rafael Archondo and against the Bala Chepete megadams

Focus on the Global South

    We the undersigned have been inspired by Bolivia’s social movements that have shown that another world is possible. From the Water War in Cochabamba to the approval of a new constitution and a plurinational state in 2009, Bolivia●●●

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Advocating to scrap the EU Emissions Trading Scheme = Advocating for climate policy that works

Time to scrap the ETS

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is in trouble – big time. That much most analysts, policy makers, politicians, carbon traders, industrial polluters and NGOs agree. When it comes to diagnosis of the causes behind the symptom, prescriptions, or what●●●

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Press Release: “It is time the EU scraps its carbon Emissions Trading System”

Time to Scrap the ETS

A growing group of civil society organisations[i] is calling on the EU to abolish its Emission Trading System (ETS) to open space for truly effective climate policies. Today they release a joint declaration that highlights the many structural loopholes the ETS●●●

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Who Owns Brazil?

Quem são os proprietários do Brasil?

To support this campaign, click here! What is the economic power structure of the private groups in this country? Who are the actors who accumulate the most power in this structure, and what is the relationship amongst them? What is the●●●

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Hey Coke Respect Workers Rights

Hey Coke Respect Workers Rights

Coca-Cola Philippines is systematically replacing regular jobs with contractual workers. Apart from promoting early retirement programs and replacing its senior workers with contractual employees, the company is also aggressively outsourcing many of its regular jobs. More insidiously, Coca-Cola imposed a●●●

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