Permanent Peoples Tribunal proposals on Systemic crimes against the fundamental rights of migrants

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Source: Permanent Peoples Tribunal   3 August 2020   A call to stop the massacre of migrants   Following the conclusion of its long term investigation and judgment (2017-2019) on the necropolitics of the European Union and of its members●●●

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The People’s Sovereignty Network and Globalizations presenting the Globalizations Special Forum

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July 2020   Source: Journal Globalizations   Reclaiming democracy from below: from the contemporary state capitalist system to peoples’ sovereignty Globalizations Special Forum Co-editors: Nora McKeon and Gonzalo Berrón     This Special Forum grows from a collective effort to●●●

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On 14 March, dam victims resist in defence of life

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Every year, the organizations that make up the Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAR) organize a series of actions related to March 14. The date is important and symbolic in the history of those affected by dams throughout the●●●

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