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Latest News and Actions

  • Stop Water for Coca-Cola: 18 Village Councils in India

    India Resource

    Stop Water for Coca-Cola: 18 Village Councils in India For Immediate Release November 26, 2015  New Delhi:  Eighteen village councils (panchayats) in the immediate vicinity of the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Mehdiganj in Varanasi district in India have come together to demand that the groundwater used by Coca-Cola be stopped immediately due to the growing ●●●

    Working Group on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises

    Dismantle Corporate Power

      November 25, 2015   Working Group on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises   Re: Visit to Brazil in December 2015   Dear Members of the Working Group,   The Brazilian organizations, social movements and networks signatories of this letter have actively followed the systematic human rights violations ●●●

    Pluspetrol Peru and Chevron Ecuador. Impacts on indigenous communities and avenues for access to remedy and justice

    Transnational Institute - TNI

    24 November 2015 – Event RSVP HERE Date 24 November 2015 Time 14:00 – 17:00 Location Transnational Institute, De Wittenstraat 25, 1052 AK Amsterdam Projects Corporate Power, Environmental Justice RSVP Here Public Forum The oil and gas industry ranks among the most lucrative business in the world and therefore has great economic and political influence. The ●●●

  • After the massacres of Paris: dread, revolt, action

    Attac France

        In the aftermath of the massacres of Paris, members and supporters of Attac, in unison with the French society, feel horror and revulsion at the indiscriminate and murderous hatred.   Attac expresses its solidarity with the victims and their relatives. The people murdered Friday night were merely exercising their right to convivality, to ●●●

    A blunt NO to mining in Arcatao, Chalatenango

    Dismantle Corporate Power

          The rough and wrinkled hands of Santos Armendariz are a true reflection of his age and a life dedicated to the fields, without hesitation these marked “No” on the ballot for the referendum to “defend” against metal mining in the municipality of Arcatao, Chalatenango. Santos comes from a small valley in the ●●●

    The Worst Company in the World


    Brazil’s Vale corporation masks brutal exploitation with the language of South-South solidarity. by Judith Marshall Both during and after his two terms in office, former Brazilian president Luis Inácio Lula da Silva staked much of his legacy on Brazil’s “South-South” orientation towards Africa. In return, he’s been held across the continent in nearly the same esteem ●●●


    Friends of the Earth International

      LAGOS, NIGERIA, 9 NOVEMBER 2015 – Led by Nigerian activists, social justice campaigners from around the world will commemorate on 10 November the 20th anniversary of the execution of Ken Saro Wiwa and eight more Ogonis at the hands of the Nigerian dictatorship of Sani Abacha. Known around the world for his struggle with oil ●●●

    Tragedy announced

    Dismantle Corporate Power

    Check out the full dossier prepared by the MAB about the breakup of the mining company Samarco dams, owned by Vale and BHP Billiton, which caused a “tragedy foretold” in Mariana (MG). District Bento Rodrigues in Mariana (MG) ​​buried by mud – Photo: Douglas Magno / Time The day November 5, 2015 will be remembered ●●●

    Another trail of destruction and death in the history of mining and Vale S.A. – Note by the International Articulation of People Affected by Vale S.A.

    International Articulation of People Affected by Vale S.A.

    On November 5, 2015, yet another shocking and terrible report involving a large mining company and Vale S.A. Two dams of the Samarco mining company Minera SA, a joint venture of Vale SA (50%) and BHP Billiton Brazil Ltda (50%), and also a recipient of waste from other mines of Vale SA in the region, ●●●


    Friends of the Earth France, Friends of the Earth Europe, Corporate Europe Observatory, CRID and Action Aid France Voting is open for this year’s special edition Pinocchio Climate Awards! This year’s who’s who of nasty multinational companies whose activities have a direct impact on the climate and communities around the world. Those who use their influence, through lobbying, or greenwashing to undermine action on climate change. Vote now for the worst companies ●●●

    Special dossier prepared by ASTM: Stop Corporate Impunity

    Dismantle Corporate Power

    As part of the Global Campaign to dismantle Corporate Power, ASTM has prepared a Special Dossier that includes the testimony of UDAPT on the impacts of  TexacoChevron in Ecuador, the opinion of a Bolivian researcher of CEDIB, as well as an interview with a member of the Transnational Institute and the Global Campaign. The Special ●●●