Investment Court System put to the test

 New EU proposal will perpetuate investors’ attacks on health and environment19 Abril 2016ReportThe European Commission says that its new investment proposal –the Investment Court System – will protect governments’ abilities to regulate on crucial matters such as public health and environmental protection. But analysis of five of the most controversial arbitration cases in recent years ●●●

Tegucigalpa 13-15 April: International Peoples´ Forum “Berta Caceres lives on”

 Tegucigalpa 13-15 April: International Peoples´ Forum “Berta Caceres lives on” The situation in Honduras remains very serious. Fear and tension is breathed in the atmosphere since before the assassination of Berta Cáceres, but intimidation, threats and killings continue to occur with impunity in recent days, and everything suggests that repression go on the rise in ●●●

We must stand by the Amadiba people

Credit: INDEPENDENT MEDIASikhosiphi ‘Bazooka’ Radebe, front, shot dead last week, led Wild Coast residents opposed to titanium mining. Picture: Fred Kockott We must stand by the Amadiba people By: Malaika wa Azania For far too long, we have stood aside and watched our government sell off our land to those who promise development but deliver disenfranchisement, writes Malaika ●●●

Gustavo Castro Soto and the rigged investigation into Berta Cáceres’ assasination

 By Beverly BellGustavo Castro Soto, imperiled in Honduras. Photo by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, 2014. The sole eyewitness to Honduran social movement leader Berta Cáceres’ assassination on March 3, 2016 has gone from being wounded victim to, effectively, political prisoner.Now Gustavo Castro Soto may also be framed as the murderer of his long-time friend.Both the Mexican Ambassador, Dolores Jiménez, and Castro ●●●