The People’s Sovereignty Network and Globalizations presenting the Globalizations Special Forum

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July 2020   Source: Journal Globalizations   Reclaiming democracy from below: from the contemporary state capitalist system to peoples’ sovereignty Globalizations Special Forum Co-editors: Nora McKeon and Gonzalo Berrón     This Special Forum grows from a collective effort to●●●

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Coronawash alert! How corporate lobbyists are cynically exploiting the pandemic

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30 April 2020 Source: Corporate Europe Observatory   Diving into corporate lobbying at EU level during the COVID-19 pandemic   They have found that lobbyists from a wide range of industries are opportunistically using the crisis to their advantage, and●●●

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March 8 – The World March of Women mobilizes and launches the 5th International Action 2020

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  We are a few days left before March 8th, International Women’s Struggle Day and the launch day of the World March of Women’s 5th International Action.   On the website of the World March of Women, we published news●●●

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