Chevron case in Ecuador: Videos from UDAPT


The case of Chevron vs. the Peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon (UDAPT-Union of Affected by Texaco-now Chevron), impacted by the operations of this corporation more than two decades ago is a clear example of why we fight for an international●●●

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Climate Arson: The strategies and impact of ExxonMobil’s dangerous EU lobbying

Corporate Europe Observatory

For more than half a century, ExxonMobil has denied and downplayed climate change, has refused any responsibility for global warming and continues to fund groups spreading misinformation. Now, the company is facing the first public hearing on climate change denialism.●●●

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SIDE EVENT: “Vale in Brumadinho: another crime in the account of the big transnationals” and “Shell in Nigeria: violations of labour rights continue”

Global Campaign

    SIDE EVENT   On the occasion of the 40th session of the Human Rights Council, the Global Campaign to Reclaim Peoples′ sovereignty, Dismantle Corporate Power and stop impunity has the pleasure to invite you to a side event●●●

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Chevron Vs Ecuador: International Arbitration & Impunity (ISDS case)


In February of 2011 the Ecuadorian Courts delivered an historic verdict, sentencing the Big Oil Corporation Chevron-Texaco to pay US$9,500 million dollars for its contamination of the Ecuadorian Amazon (1964-1992). However, Chevron hit back via the Investor-State Dispute Settlement system●●●

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State of Power 2019: Finance

Transnational Institute (TNI)

  Ten years ago, the financial sector brought the world to the edge of a precipice. The shock waves continue to shake us today as austerity and corporate impunity have fuelled anger that the reactionary right have most successfully captured.●●●

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Rights for people, rules for corporations!

No al TTIP

  Corporations have their own global private court system – called ISDS – which they use to bully governments. But many victims of corporate human rights abuses don’t have any way of winning justice. This is unfair. We need to●●●

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Binding human rights treaty would be a crucial tool for Palestinians

Middle East Eye

  Such a treaty could enable Palestinians to hold transnational corporations accountable for their involvement in Israel’s apartheid regime       Seven decades ago, on 10 December 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights –●●●

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