A Binding Treaty about corporations can be an instrument to guarantee the respect of our rights and territories

International Allies Against Mining in El Salvador

    Dario Bossio – Iglesia y Minería   “Historically we have known the dealings of the corporations in our lands, in our countries. We have known firsthand how human rights are violated in our territories. Before these violations happened, and●●●

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People’s Permanent Tribunal on Transnational Corporations Jurors Statement

Dismantle Corporate Power

  The voices of communities in Southern Africa that are ignored by governments and transnational corporations are echoed in the Jurors’ Statement, delivered on the occasion of the second hearing of Permanent People’s Tribunal on transnational corporations in Southern Africa.●●●

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Juror Statement from the Permanent Peoples Tribunal


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The Marange diamonds

Alternative Information & Development Centre

  By: Amandla! correspondent From: Amandla! Issue No.48  OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2016   The first session of the Southern Africa Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Transnational Corporations took place in September in Swaziland. Activists presented cases to a panel. Amandla! 47 contained a●●●

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Videos of the Side Events at the third session of the UN Human Rights Council – Geneva, October 2017

Justice 5 Continents

  On the occasion of the third session of the UN Human Rights Council open-ended intergovernmental working group on transnational corporations (TNCs) and other business enterprises with respect to human rights (OEIGWG), the Europe-Third World Centre (CETIM), the Transnational Institute,●●●

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Serious human rights violations in Asia involving companies and the inefficacy of national legal instruments

Real World Radio

  Descargar: MP3 (1.3 MB)   Approximately 40 million people were affected by the intentional fires in 2 million hectares of lands and forests in Indonesia in 2015 to prepare the lands for palm oil production. 23 people died, most of●●●

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Treaty on Transnational corporations and their supply chain with regard to human rights

Dismantle Corporate Power


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