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New report on industrial paradises and environmental hells for Peoples in Mexico

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11 October 2021 Transnational Corporations and Free Trade in Mexico Caravan on the Social and Environmental Impacts (#ToxiTourMexico)   Letter sent by 12 MEPs to the European Commission with the Recommendations of the Report (2 pages)   Download the Full●●●

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New Report Maps the involvement of European corporations and financial institutions in the destruction of the Amazon and Cerrado in Brazil

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Source: ENCO 4 October 2021   The report “Invisible hands?European corporations and the deforestation of the Amazon and Cerrado biomes” offers a survey of the involvement of European firms – including banks – at different stages of the supply chain●●●


Global Campaign statement on the 3rd Draft of the Binding Treaty

Global Campaign

7 September 2021   PDF VERSION   Re: Release of the “third revised draft” during the negotiation by the Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on the elaboration of an international legally binding instrument to regulate the activities of transnational corporations (TNCs)●●●

New podcast🎙️following the latest round of @UN_HRC #BindingTreaty negotiations on transnational corporations and #HumanRights – featuring several @StopTNCimpunity activists who participated in the talks.

O acordo Mercosul-UE prevê aumentar 6x a exportação de etanol para a Europa.
Monocultura da cana-de-açúcar no #Brasil deixa rastro de destruição ecológica, Bayer BASF e Shell lucram, enquanto as comunidades tradicionais pagam o preço. #StopEUMercosur #TratadoVinculante

As #COP26 ended up being another disappointment for #ClimateJustice with its #FalseSolutions, we look back at the key areas in these climate negotiations, the promises made six years ago in Paris, and the context leading up to the Glasgow Climate Pact.

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