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Press Kit – UN Negotiations 23-27 October 2023 Binding Treaty Transnational Corporations & Human Right

Global Campaign

Press Kit 9th United Nations session to negotiate a Binding Treaty on transnational corporations with respect to human rights. 23-27 Oct 2023 General Info THIS PRESS KIT CONTAINS FAQs about this UN process and what is at stake this year.●●●

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Demonstration in Geneva October 23rd “Rights for Peoples, Rules for Corporations – Dance the change, move the world”

Global Campaign

As every year we will be in Geneva to participate in the negotiations for a Binding Treaty on transnational corporations and Human Rights.   These negotiations aren’t just talk – they’re rewriting the rules of the game. It’s all thanks●●●

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Rights for the people, rules for TNCs! – First impressions on the updated draft treaty on TNCs and human rights


Statement of the Global Campaign, 11th of September 2023   The Global Campaign to Reclaim Peoples Sovereignty, Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity (Global Campaign) is a worldwide network of over 250 social movements, civil society organisations, trade unions and●●●

👵👩 A nos grands-mères, mères, soeurs, filles et petites-filles, cette journée est dédiée à vos combats ✊. Avec une pensée particulière pour les paysannes 👩‍🌾 et les travailleuses exploitées dans le monde entier...
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60M liters of oil leaked into the Ecuadorian Amazon by @Chevron for nearly 30 years and 30,000+ people are still seeking justice

This unchecked corporate power running rampant is yet another example of a transnational corporation using a system that guarantees its impunity🧵

As #HRC55 moves ahead following #WTOMC13AbuDhabi, let's confront the reality: transnational corporations wield immense power, often at the expense of #HumanRights

It's time to demand accountability, regulation and justice in light of their violations

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