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Tell ABSA to help ensure dignity for Marikana



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Six years since the Marikana massacre and life around the mine is still dire. We call on ABSA to use it’s power as shareholder in Lonmin and Sibanye-Stillwater mines (who may buy Lonmin) [1] to ensure the Social Labour Plan promised to the people of Marikana and Nkaneng is realised.


For years Lonmin exploited workers and failed to build houses in Marikana despite their Social Labour Plan requiring them to do so to keep their mining license [2]. Lonmin refused to engage striking miners and coordinated with police to crush the strike, but despite having blood on their hands the company dragged their feet on compensation and building the promised houses in Marikana, pleading poor, while shifting millions overseas to avoid paying tax [3]. While Lonmin executive and shareholders have profited for years, 32,000 workers could face unemployment if the mine closes down. ABSA, who has shares in Lonmin, and Sibanye-StillWater who may buy Lonmin, could show leadership and ‘Africanacity’ by using their shareholder power to limit any job loses at Lonmin during the take over by Sibanye-Stillwater, and ensure the impoverished community of Marikana finally has it’s outstanding Social Labour Plans fulfilled. 


Dear Maria Ramos (ABSA CEO),


We the undersigned call on you as shareholder and profiteer of Lonmin, and it’s potential buyer, Sibanye Stillwater, to use your power to ensure that the obligations in the Social Labour Plan for Nkaneng and Marikana which have still not been fulfilled, are finally fulfilled so that the people can live a dignified life, and to ensure that possible job loses at Lonmin are kept to a minimum.






[3] The Bermuda Connection: Profit shifting, inequality and unaffordability at Lonmin 1999-2012. Dick Forslund for the Alternative Information & Development Centre