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Polluters & Plunderers: The Roots of Africa’s Crises

Global Campaign

June 2021

Source: WoMin African Alliance




Message from Womin:


Dear Friends,


As we celebrate World Environment Day, June 5, WoMin is pleased to launch the first in a series of animated short films – Polluters & Plunderers: The Roots of Africa’s Crises.

Through beautiful and moving animation, we tell a part of the story that rural, peasant and working-class communities across the African continent have confronted from the start of colonisation to the present day global neo-liberal capitalism. This is a story of lives and livelihoods disrupted and destroyed, of environmental catastrophe caused by unfettered extractives industries, of the violence perpetrated upon Brown and Black people whose lives are consistently devalued, and of the exploitation of women’s labour of care and violence perpetrated on their bodies. But, it is also a story of resistance led by women and communities as they rise to defend people and nature, and put forward a different vision of Africa and their ideas for a different life for its peoples freed from plunderers and polluters.



Stand in solidarity with peoples in Africa and around the world in their struggles against Polluters & Plunderers!

About this series

This film is the first part of a series that will be released in 2021 and early 2022.  This series addresses the multiple interlocking crises in Africa and their roots (the first film), collective resistance of people and nature: the right to say NO (film 2), and women and their communities’ vision and proposals for alternatives to dominant development in Africa.