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URGENT- Communities affected by Chevron-Texaco need your support!

Global Campaign To Dismantle Corporate POwer and Stop Impunity




The UDAPT has started a crowdfunding in order to raise CAD $ 350 thousand needed to cover judicial costs that will allow us to appeal at the Supreme Court of Canada and continue in our attempt to access justice. This amount was ordered by the Court of Ontario and without that payment would end our process and possibilities to continue with the judicial process, guaranteeing impunity for Chevron.


The amount must be covered within a month, so we ask for your support to spread the crowdfunding and if is possible help with links and partnerships with people who can support us in this campaign. For more information, we can access for more information at:



In the same way we ask you to spread the messages of our campaign. The hashtag is #StopChevronImpunity