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BNP’s TRIAL: #BNPcoupable

Dismantle Corporate Power
11th of APRIL : BNP’s TRIAL

Tomorrow, Florent Compain, President of Friends of the Earth France, will be judged in Bar-le-Duc (France), because of his participation to a non-violent action of “chairs requisition” (requisition of chairs  in banks implied in tax evasion). He is sued by BNP Paribas, one of the worst French banks. But it is BNP Paribas the one who belongs to be in the docks!


One month ago, 150 organizations from 51 countries signed an op-ed to denounce BNP Paribas’ role in tax evasion and fossil fuels.


Let’s create an international pressure through social networks! 




The hashtag of the day will be: #BNPcoupable
(coupable means guilty).


All tweets, infos and details on this twitterstorm are here ! 


Spread the word to your organization and community managers !