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The 5th edition of the Mobile Social Congress starts!

Global Campaign

February 2020


Source: Mobile Social Congress 2020


For a fair electronic model


The Mobile Social Congress is celebrating its fifth edition this year. The MSC is an initiative organized by SETEM, with the support of the European Union and the Directorate of Global Justice and International Cooperation of the Barcelona City Council and the participation of local and international entities.


SETEM Catalunya is once again investing in a space where citizens can come together and reflect on the current model of production and consumption of information and communication technologies. This model generates serious human rights violations—especially regarding workers’ rights—and environmental consequences that are hidden at the Mobile World Congress.


In this edition of the Mobile Social Congress, we will take a look at the shared struggles of the Global South and North in the electronics industry.


From February 24th to February 26th, the Congress will focus on the violations of human rights and the environmental impacts that result from the electronics industry’s current model of production and consumption in both the Global South and North. We will also emphasize common ground and mutual dialogue among the different associations and labour unions.


You will find here attached the summary program MSC2020. The MSC website also includes all the information and will include the livestreamed panels:


We encourage you to spread the word through your networks by means of hashtags:


#MSC2020 #MobileSocialCongres2020


For more information:
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