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State of Power – 2014

Transnational Institute - TNI

In its third annual ‘State of Power’ report, TNI uses dynamic infographics and penetrating essays to expose and analyse the principal power-brokers that have caused financial, economic, social and ecological crises worldwide.

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Nick Buxton

State of Corporations – The rise of illegitimate power and the threat to democracy (PDF, 902KB)
Susan George

State of Davos – The camel’s nose in the tents of global governance (PDF, 308KB)
David Sogge

State of Surveillance – Tripping out on technology and the global fightback (PDF, 778KB)
Ben Hayes

State of Empire – How failed foreign policy, new emerging economies, and peoples’ movements are undermining US power(PDF, 526KB)
Phyllis Bennis

State of the South – Emerging powers and the potential for progressive change (PDF, 760KB)
Achin Vanaik

State of the State – The state is dead! Long live the state!
Daniel Chavez

State of the Planet – Fateful triangle of big energy, finance and complicit governments (PDF, 650KB)
Steve Horn and Peter Rugh,

State of Europe – How the European Round Table of Industrialists came to wage class war on Europe (PDF, 332KB)
Andrew Gavin Marshall,

State of Extraction – The new scramble for Africa (PDF, 460KB)
David Fig

State of the Land – Reconfiguration of the power of the state and capital in the global land rush (PDF, 348KB)
Saturnino M. Borras Jr.

State of Counter Power – How understanding neoliberalism’s cultural underpinnings can equip movements to overthrow it(PDF, 377KB)
Hilary Wainwright

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