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Large and useless infrastructures

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Worldwide, governments and local authorities, together with international institutions (like the World Bank), engage in the development of large infrastructures: mining projects, highways, high-speed railways, new airports, arenas, amusement parks, concert halls, etc. This projects share some common traits: they’re always painted as being at the service of the general interest. They would aim at creating jobs, planning and restructuring territories, modernizing infrastructures, ensuring a secure access to natural resources, or preparing world events (Olympic games, Soccer World Cup, etc.).

But these are not there only common traits. They also share the fact that often, if not always, people (neighbors and citizens) do resist and struggle against their implementation. In doing so, they shed light on their dark side: destruction of small farming and land (thus directly contributing to the world food crisis), democratic denial (these projects are imposed through fake consultation), conflict of interest with the private sector (these projects are lead by transnational corporations but at least partially funded with public resources), and, of course, destruction of the environment and of ecosystems. Far from being at the service of the general interest, these projects belong to a merely financial approach, and are rooted in imaginaries from the past century (such as the belief that natural resources would be inexhaustible).

This map aims at being an inventory of projects worldwide.

It will thus evolve over time – new projets will be added.

You can of course react or suggest projects to be added. For this, write to the following address (nicolas (at) voicescollective (dot) net :

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