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26 Jan. The Great Take Over: How we fight the Davos capture of global governance

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The Great Take Over:

How we fight the Davos capture of global governance


26 January 4 pm CET


[English-Spanish webinar]


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The post COVID-19 world presents a new opportunity to deepen the corporate plans of capturing global governance and ensuring it serves the interests of corporate business and profits instead of putting in place policies for the wellbeing of humanity.

It is urgent to unmask this global and systemic trend by showing how it operates in key sensitive sectors as well as taking the challenge to generate peoples power towards building a strong public and participatory governance for a world beyond the health, climate, inequality and democracy crises. Is there a future for another multilateralism?


Co-Organized by: Corporate Accountability, FIAN, Focus on the Global South, FOEI, G2H2, IT for Change, MSI Integrity, Peoples Health Movement, Public Services International, Transnational Institute.


Content/Topics: The Webinar will be presented in a dynamic and participatory format. An introductory framing will address the ongoing take over of corporate capture and privatization of global governance. From a multi-sectoral perspective, key movements and sectors (Health, Food, Education, Environment, High Tech) will share their struggles, strategies and common challenges.

An Open Forum will field the questions and comments from the floor.


The Webinar will conclude with an Invitation to join the process of mobilization and Political Action during 2021.