Geneva 8th March. Side Event: Building a UN Treaty on Human Rights and TNCs

Dismantle Corporate Power

A way forward to stop corporate impunity

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017
Time: 12- 13:30
Palais des Nations Room XXIV (Geneva, Switzerland)

Corporate Accountability International, Transnational Institute, Human Rights and Business Center (HOMA), CETIM, Friends of the Earth International, and the Global Campaign to Reclaim Peoples Sovereignty, Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity invite you to attend a side event panel on building a binding UN Treaty on human rights and transnational corporations (TNCs).

In June 2014, the Human Rights Council adopted resolution 26/9 on the elaboration of an international legally binding instrument on transnational corporations (TNCs) and other business enterprises with respect to human rights. It has been a historic achievement after decades of discussions and failed attempts within the United Nations. Such an instrument has the potential to substantially promote the protection and fulfillment of human rights in the long-term and on a global scale. It can contribute to ending the impunity that TNCs routinely enjoy for their human rights violations, especially in countries of the Global South, and to ensuring access to justice for people affected by their activities.

This side event panel will explore the ways that the instrument would contribute to ending impunity for transnational corporations committing abuses and violating human rights and would ensure access to justice for people affected by their activities.




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See here for more information on the Process towards the UN Binding Treaty