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Public Conference: “Transnational corporations and the walls-industry. Migrant, women and Palestinian movements resistances”

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Together against transnational corporations and the walls-industry: The struggles of migrants, women and the Palestinian movements


7.30 pm,  Université de Genève, UNI-MAIL, SALLE MR280 (Boulevard du Pont d’Arve, 40, Tramway 15, Stop UNI-MAIL)


Neoliberal globalization has opened the doors for the savage exploitation of the world by the big economic powers. Megaprojects, agribusiness and militarization, among other processes, express a patriarchal, neoliberal and racist capitalist system that amounts to an assault on life as such. Communities and peoples are resisting the advance of this offensive. From the places where military occupation kills people and steal their land, to the walls that bar those displaced from access to the places of perceived privilege, to the exploitation of whom was able to cross the barriers, this conference will hear testimonies of struggle and resistance that trace the entire trail of corporate crime that perpetuates capitalist repression of our rights and freedoms.


Speakers :


  • Welcome by Swiss local organisations
  • Member of the World March of Women
  • María Josefina Caal Xol (Guatemala)
  • Nonoi Hacbang (Transnational Migrant Platform)
  • Mikel Alvarez Olaechea (LAB)
  • Vidalina Morales de Gamez (ADES – Santa Marta, El Salvador)
  • Maha Albdalla (Al-Haq, Palestine)
  • Maren Mantovani (Stop the Wall)


Facilitator: Rania Madi (BADIL)


Interpretation provided in English, Spanish and French