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Aggression against human rights defenders in El Salto, Jalisco

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Source: Un Salto de Vida


10 April 2021


Alert!  At dawn on April 10, 2021, the vehicle that Un Salto de Vida uses for its activities in defence of the environment and human rights in the region of the Santiago River (Jalisco, Mexico) suddenly caught fire, and was burned completely.


The International Caravan of Observers (#ToxiTourMexico) visited in 2019 the Santiago River Basin, among other highly polluted regions in Mexico. The Caravan was attended by members of the European Parliament, the United States Minnesota Senate, the Basque Parliament, academics, scientists, journalists and representatives of human rights organizations and research centres in Germany, Argentina, Ecuador, the United States, France, Catalonia, Mexico, the Basque Country and the Netherlands. Observers were able to verify and shocked by the alarming environmental and health emergency situation in which the populations surrounding the Santiago River find themselves, in particular El Salto and Juanacatlán. Deeply concerned regarding the safety of members of the Agrupación Un Salto de Vida, the Caravan members sent a letter to Mexican authorities. 


As UN ECOSOC members, CETIM, Corporate Accountability and the Transnational Institute addressed also a letter via the Mexican Ambassador at the UN in Geneva (see below), jointly with the statement of Un Salto de Vida (below in Spanish).




Download the PDF version of  the letter


A la Asamblea de Pueblos en Resistencia de la Cuenca Chapala


Download the PDF version of the statement of Un Salto de Vida









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