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Letter of protest for the murder of Marielle Franco

Dismantle Corporate Power





The Global Campaign to Reclaim Peoples Sovereignty, Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity expresses its deep indignation in regards to the assassination of Marielle Franco on March 14.


Marielle Franco, alderman of the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL), was a recognized Human Rights defender, active in the feminist and antiracist struggle. A few days before her murder, she had denounced the brutal action and continuous abuses by the Brazilian military police in the region of Irajá, in the community of Acari. In particular, she said in social networks“We have to scream to let everybody know what is happening. The 41st Battalion of the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro is terrorizing and ravaging the inhabitants of Acari. This week two young people were killed and thrown into a sewer. Today the police walked through the streets threatening the inhabitants. It has always happened but with the military intervention it got even worse”. Marielle participated as a rapporteur in the commission of the Council created with the objective of overseeing army operations. This crime has taken place a month after the President of Brazil, Michel Temer, decreed a federal intervention in the security of Rio de Janeiro, with the supposedly objective of fighting the wave of violence that affects this State. Since then,  Marielle and various social movements and organizations in Brazil have  publicly opposed the use of army force in public safety, pointing to  the brutality that previous occupations in favelas had generated.


In Brazil, the institutional coup, which overthrew President Dilma Rousseff, in 2016, installed an interim government, whose modus operandi is to secure the power of conservative forces over the national protection framework built since re-emocratization, by dismantling public services and opening the economy to the agenda of transnational corporations. This context leads to a situation of democratic exceptionality, with serious setbacks in the protection of human rights and contributing to dismantle the progress achieved in last decades of democratic normality lived by the country, since the end of the military dictatorship. Under this interim government, the rule of law and the institutional framework of sensitive areas were weakened, such as the combat of forced labour and the protection of indigenous peoples. Frequent attacks continue to threaten human rights defenders and journalists with impunity. Movements hostile to freedom of expression and LGBTI rights attack artists, professors and universities with public support from higher federal authorities. 


We express our solidarity with the Brazilian People and demand that the Brazilian State, through the various competent bodies, guarantees an immediate and rigorous investigation into the murder of Marielle Franco. We demand that the violation of human rights, the repression and criminalization of human rights defenders in this country stops. We commit ourselves to remain vigilant before the investigation and sanctions for the intellectual and material authors of this crime.



We also call upon the Brazilian Government to respect its international and national obligations by rescinding all laws and conducts that are in violation of the Constitution, the International Human Rights Law and the fundamental rights of the Brazilian people.



Marielle presente!



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