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This form is organized into 5 parts: Contact information, Basic Information, Actors, Conflict and Other information. In each section, there are fields that must be filled out and others that are optional. The fields marked with a * are the ones that must be filled out in order for the form to be saved, but we would appreciate it if you could fill out as many as possible. If you have doubts or problems with filling out the form, please write us at: Diana Aguiar (


Contact Information

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Basic information - Location of the conflict

How can I find the location’s latitude/longitude? Go to Google Maps ( and do a search on the name of the place. Right click on the place you are trying to locate and choose the option "What's here?” from the menu. The coordinates will appear in the search box of Google’s web page.



Nombre de la Empresa(s) Transnacional(es) Involucrada(s)



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